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I started my ecommerce journey in 2014 selling on eBay, and then a few months later, I moved to selling on Amazon. In early 2019, I met retired Navy SEAL Larry Yatch, and my transformation began. In late 2019 while attending an event with Larry, his wife Anne, gave a few of us some Aqua Calm (BiomeTech protocol spray) to see if it would help us, following an emotional experience. A few weeks later, since I and others had expressed interest in learning more, Larry spoke to us about it. To this day, his is still the best explanation I have ever heard. So my BiomeTech journey began in earnest in January of 2020. I was impressed that I could see immediate changes. Since I had a fitbit, I could collect data. The most interesting thing was that my resting heart rate dropped each day for the first week to a new (lower) normal. I noticed that situations which would have previously placed me in a state of anxiety did not. It was freeing me. I continued my journey over the following months, increasing the number and variety of sprays and partaking capsules, recommended during special zoom meetings. In the summer of 2020, I was invited to Brain Camp, where the most concentrated form of the supplement was taken. They call it “camp” because it reminds us of summer camp, where you bunk (share a house) with small groups of other participants. We meet up for meals, during the day one may go off to partake in an activity and then after, meet back up with the group. It’s a very intensive and amazing experience (if you want to learn more, please email sharon@biometech.com). While at camp I had time to speak with Larry about my business situation. Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Amazon began to attempt to regulate food and other products, but notably most prices. Since I am not as big as other ecommerce sellers, I can not afford to lower my prices as low as Amazon required. At that time I was mostly selling health/natural food items like I do, here. My business suffered incredibly and I was faced with the possibility of closing/losing the business. Larry reminded me that I had developed a system for running Amazon stores. I had a large team that knew what to do. We could start running Amazon stores for sellers like me. It took 3 weeks, but I was able to start the new venture. It had a slow start but was starting to help. It was a new income stream, separate from my Amazon store and thus insulated from it. About 5-6 weeks following camp, I noticed that I was feeling different. Better… and noticed that I was faster in my work. It was like getting an upgrade. I learned that this was a very common occurrence following camp. While at camp in the summer, I agreed to attend it again in the fall. The Fall camp blew me away as the experiences I had then, were definitely Next Level. My belief is that this, wouldn’t have been possible had I not attended the previous camp. While at Fall camp, once again Larry helped me to see that the software I had written to run my business operations, (my “special sauce”), could be used to help client’s stores too. This created an added value. He challenged me to figure out how to scale it up. By Early January 2021, My client version of software was ready. It did help to attract clients as they could see the value it added. It proved to be needed for us to scale up regarding the number of clients we could serve. There at the Fall camp, I once again agreed to attend the Winter camp. My experiences once again were even more incredible than before. 2021 went on without camps as they had decided to offer special camps targeting specific groups of affiliated people. During this time my goals started to change. I had always looked at my business as a wealth creation opportunity. I visualized I would be able to amass large amounts of money to feel successful and financially free. I started to see more and more that my concept wasn’t serving me or the way I wanted to live. An optimized daily experience that is sustainable over time is success. For me, the opportunity to take the daily sprays and to attend Brain Camp is part of that optimized experience. Success became not about needing to earn money to buy a bigger house, but to attend Brain Camp. My opportunity came in Fall 2021 and I wasn’t able to attend. While my client services business had some very good clients, it still wasn't busy enough to provide me the ability to attend camp. Shortly after, everything collapsed. My store, which was in poorer condition than the previous year due to Amazon’s removal of our ability to sell food products, was losing us money each day. Many of my client’s stores were suspended due to a rash of suspensions doled out by Amazon for various reasons. My store too, would be suspended just after New Year’s day. Therefore, with my store and most of my larger clients temporarily unable to sell, I had to find a solution. I remembered that I had long talked about building a new store since my first Brain Camp. Visiting Angel’s house, during camp, some of us looked through her cabinets and pantry for ideas on camp recommended foods that we could use to replace the foods we wanted to eliminate. We hoped also to create new flavors from condiments that she stored there. I longed for a comprehensive list of the products that met BiomeTech’s approval. Since these products are not available from one convenient location, I figured I could do this! I could offer peace of mind and convenience to those in my community. Every product we offer is recommended by BiomeTech. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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